Transfer in a pension

Transfer your existing pensions to Hartley Pensions


Online Transfer Requests

Hartley Pensions use an online Transfer System called Origo to request the transfer where possible. Origo Transfers are designed to take up to 12 calendar days for the pension to arrive to Hartley Pensions.

Offine Transfers

If the transfer is not possible by Origo the transfer has to be requested by letter. Older style pensions and Occupational Transfers are normally requested by letter. This can take a longer to receive and more forms are often required to be sign by your ceding provider. Hartley Pensions will chase the transfer regularly and keep you and your adviser informed of any updates we receive.

Defined Benefit Transfers

Hartley Pensions accept Defined Benefit and pensions with safeguarded benefits into their white label SIPP’s. We do so on the basis that the Financial Conduct Authority rules have been followed and where necessary advice has been obtained and the transfer recommended by a FCA classified Pensions Transfer Specialist. For all Defined Benefit transfers and pensions that contain safeguarded benefits we will require two extra forms completed; the Financial Adviser Declaration and the Member Declaration Form. These forms can be found at the top of this page and on our Literature page.

Inspecie Transfers

In Specie Transfers can not requested via Origo. In Specie Transfers involve contacting your old provider to check the investments held can be reregistered on the new investment platform. If any can not be re-registered we will inform you immediately to obtain your instructions. In-Specie Transfers can take time to complete. There maybe a period of time during the re-registration that you can not trade until the process is complete. Hartley Pensions can not be held responsible for any investment losses during this time.

Transfer to a Hartley Pension and take control of your future today…

We can process your transfer in request via the Origo system so can complete the whole transfer in process within 12 days (providing your current scheme can). We accept in specie contributions, so you do not have to take your funds outside of the market. We have a specialist team who complete all transfers in within the quickest possible time.

Your SIPP is managed by pension professionals, all working towards professional qualifications in Pension and Financial administration, so we can offer the highest level of assistance. Once transferred, you have your own dedicated pension administrator, so you have a specialist to deal with at all times.

We have flexible products that allow you to tailor your investment strategy to our low fee structures meaning that you won’t overpay. Whatever your background, from experienced investor or if you want to leave it to a professional, you can have the correct investments for you. All of our pensions offer pension freedom, allowing you flexibility once you reach the age of 55.

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