How much can I subscribe?

In the 2017/2018 tax year the maximum you can subscribe into an ISA is £20,000. This amount is the total across all ISAs that you may hold.

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2017/2018 Tax year

For example:

ISA TypeSubscription made
Cash ISA*£10,240
Stocks and Shares ISA£4,760
Innovative ISA£5,000

If you have subscribed to an existing ISA not held with us then this will also count towards the subscription limit.

*We do not currently offer cash ISAs.

Junior ISAs

For Junior ISAs (JISAs) the maximum subscription limit for the 2017/2018 tax year is £4,128. Subscriptions can be split between a Hartley Junior ISA and a cash Junior ISA that you hold with another provider. as long as it does not exceed the main limit.

For example (2017/2018 tax year):

ISA TypeSubscription made
Cash JISA*£2,064
S&S JISA£2,064

*We do not currently offer cash Junior ISAs.