Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment

Covid-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It is caused by a virus called Coronavirus. Symptoms can be mild, moderate, severe or fatal.

This is the Risk Assessment that the Wilton Group have undertaken for dealing with the current Covid-19 situation in the workplace.

The Wilton Group has 126 employees spread across 7 offices, to ensure that this risk assessment was sufficient we took the following steps:


  • Walked around the offices to measure space so that social distancing measures could be adhered to.
  • Checked the HSE guidance to ensure the risk assessment was comprehensive.
  • Worked with the government guidance relating to COVID-19 secure to ensure staff could return safely.
  • Talked to staff regarding their concerns so these could be considered.
  • Acted on the findings and ordered PPE and cleaning equipment where necessary.



RiskWho might be affectedMeasures takenWho is responsible?
PPE and ensuring there is an adequate supply in officesAll staff coming to an office and any
Hand sanitisers have been placed at main entry doors; there is also a good stock of bottled hand sanitiser for placement throughout the office floors.

Face masks and gloves are also available for staff to wear for tasks such as opening post.

We encourage all staff that enter the office to wash their hands on arrival and periodically throughout the day.
All staff
Office cleaningCleaner and staff in the officeBefore an office is reopened it will be deep cleaned.

On-going cleaning will take place more frequently and there are adequate supplies of antibacterial wipes in the offices which staff can use throughout the day to clean surfaces such as phones and computer keyboards.
Management and staff
Hand washingAll staff coming to the officeFacilities in the kitchen and toilets have soap and water in place. There is also handwashing guidance on the walls. Staff should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

There are paper towels in place so they can be used once and can be disposed.

Staff should also avoid touching their face once they wash their hands.
All staff
Working hours & social distancing All staff coming to the officeWe have implemented social distancing in all offices. There is sufficient room to use every other desk for social distancing.

Small meetings are possible in the larger meeting rooms and staff are reminded to ensure they keep a safe 2m distance from colleagues.

Only one person is allowed to use the photocopiers or printers at any time.

Team Leaders will monitor staff hours and implement staggered start and finish times to ensure that social distancing can be adhered to.

Management and all staff
Vulnerable Staff or High Risk Staff coming into the officeVulnerable and High-Risk Staff with health conditionsHR has compiled a list of all staff that are vulnerable and use public transport or, live with vulnerable people. Those staff are advised to continue working from home until the government guidance changes.Management and affected staff
External Visitor’sAll staff and external visitor’sPost can be delivered as social distancing can be kept for deliveries, no signing for post can take place.

Whilst we encourage meetings with customers/clients to take part via audio/video conferencing/zoom, we will be allowing a limited number of external visitors into offices provided they are not displaying any Covid symptoms and adhere to our social distancing rules. Any visitors will be expected to use any appropriate PPE and the sanitising products available at reception.
Management and all staff
Toilet AccessAll staff coming to the officeTo ensure that social distancing can be maintained the toilets at each premise will have reduced access to just one person at a time.

Occupied/free signs have been purchase so that staff can show when the toilet is available for use. Staff will be asked to ensure they wash their hands after changing the sign over.
All staff
Lunch BreaksAll staff coming to the officeTo ensure that social distancing can be maintained the kitchen facilities have been measured to ensure that the correct amount of staff can safely enter at any one time.

Where offices have larger kitchen facilities then a one way system of in and out doors will operate.

Staff are able to use the tables provided to sit and eat lunch providing they sit 2m apart and they are also able to eat their lunch at their desk if space in the break out areas is limited.
All staff
Travel to WorkAll staff traveling to an office

HR has collated a list of how all staff travel to work and where staff use public transport we are considering staggered working hours. Face masks are also available to staff who are required to use them on public transport.

If staff can walk, drive, or cycle then we ask that they ensure that they wash their hands upon entering the office.
All staff
If a staff member shows symptoms in officeAffected staff member & colleagues in the officeIf anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or a high temperature in the workplace they will be sent home and advised to follow the government’s guidance. Line managers will maintain regular contact with staff member during this time.Staff member displaying symptoms
If staff member lives with someone with symptomsAffected staff member, family & housematesIf anyone lives with someone with a new continuous cough or a high temperature they will be advised to stay and home and follow the government guidance.Staff member who lives with someone displaying symptoms
Mental health & wellbeingAll staffManagement and HR have been promoting mental health & wellbeing awareness and will offer whatever support they can to help. We have been reminding staff about Vitality’s services and employee assistance programme, talking therapies and many more.

HR has sent a communication of mental health information and there is an open door policy for those who need additional support.
All staff

To download the Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment –  please click here.

We will continue to follow the government guidance and only open offices where it is safe to do.

Some offices have reopened and staff can return on a voluntary basis should it be safe to do so.

Issued: 18th May 2020