Choosing the right ISA to meet your current and future savings needs

Our ISA products have been developed to meet the needs of the modern investor. Your circumstances may change, your investment strategy may change but your ISA provider does not need to. We offer a comprehensive range of ISA products to meet your needs now and tomorrow.

Innovative ISA

The Hartley Innovative ISA enables peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and tax-free interest repayments. You can lend up to the maximum annual allowance to an individual or to a company, effectively cutting out the middleman. The borrower repays this loan over time at an agreed interest rate and all loan repayments are tax free when held within the ISA.

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Stocks & Shares ISA

We offer the Hartley Stocks and Shares ISA which gives you the freedom to choose what you wish to invest in and how you would like investment gains to be treated. You can invest in a wide range of HMRC-allowable investments in the UK and abroad and you can make regular payments into your ISA, up to the maximum annual allowance.

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Hartley Junior ISA

It is never too early to save for your child’s future. Our low fees and efficient administration ensures that the JISA is tax-efficient and stress-free. You can choose which platform you want to use and the child can take control of the account when he or she reaches the age of 16. At aged 16 or 17, the young adult can open an adult ISA and concurrently run the JISA. At aged 18, the JISA can be transferred to an adult ISA. There is no tax due on any capital gains or dividends in the JISA and the annual allowance for the 2017/2018 tax year is £4,128.

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ISA charges & key benefits at a glance

The charging structure for all Hartley ISAs is completely transparent. There are no hidden charges. For more information, see our comparison chart below.

Innovative ISAStocks & Shares ISAStocks & Shares Junior ISA
Establishment fee£150£150£50
Annual admin fee£200 p/a£200 p/a£100 p/a
Clear & low charges
Tax-free investment
Flexibility to choose investment platform
Ability to change investment platform
Your own ISA Administrator
No transfer out fees
Can provide higher interest rates than cash ISAs
Flexibility to choose the right P2P plaftform

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Capital Adequacy

Hartley Pensions Limited are in full compliance with the latest FCA capital adequacy rules that came into force affecting SIPP providers.

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