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A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is an employer sponsored occupational pension scheme designed to provide retirement and death benefits for its members in a tax efficient way. It is an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Registered Pension Scheme under the terms of the Finance Acts and must have no more than 11 members, typically the company directors, family members and senior executives. The SSAS is established under a trust created by the employer appointing all members as trustees, who jointly make the investment decisions, along with Hartley Pensions Trustees Ltd as the scheme’s professional trustee. Hartley Pensions Ltd will draw up the scheme’s trust and rules for execution by all the relevant parties.

Transparency on Charges

The charging structure of the Hartley Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) is transparent. There are no hidden charges.

Establishment Fee£600 per scheme + VAT

Administration fee (per member)

Uncrystallised Scheme£300 pa + VAT
Crystallised Benefit Charge£150 + VAT
Crystallised Scheme£450 pa + VAT
Uncrystallised Funds Administration Fee Cap£1,200 pa + VAT
Crystallised Funds Administration Fee Cap£1,800 pa + VAT
SSAS Scheme Takeover£750 + VAT
Holding Non Standard Asset charge£250 pa + VAT

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The Establishment fee of £600 + VAT covers the initial setup and registration with the relevant regulators, plus all pension fund transfers in and your investment administration. The Uncrystallised product allows you to grow your pension savings within investment assets of your choice prior to taking any pension benefits. The Annual administration fee is charged per member in advance and covers the day-to-day administration of your SSAS − including collecting pension contributions, providing an annual valuation and completing all HMRC and The Pension Regulator (TPR) reporting to maintain the tax efficiency of your pension.

When you decide to take your pension benefits, you will move to the Crystallised product. A setup fee is charged to cover the administration costs of calculating and paying your initial benefits. The Crystallised Policy administration includes all drawdown options of the Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS) − capped drawdown, flexi-access, small pots and triviality payments. The administration fee covers up to 24 pension payments, calculating income tax, benefit reviews and ensuring your pension remains HMRC and TPR compliant.

Other SSAS Charges

Property acquisition£600 + VAT
Property administration£250 pa + VAT
Property disposal£300 + VAT
Scheme borrowing establishment£500 + VAT
Employer loanback£500 + VAT
Implementation of pension sharing order£750 + VAT
Payment of death benefits£400 + VAT
New trust deed£150 + VAT
Individual transfer out£300 + VAT

If you do have any further questions please refer to our FAQs section.

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How does it work?

Every registered pension scheme is required to have an HMRC recognised Scheme Administrator – Hartley Pensions Ltd is registered online with HMRC to fulfil this function and once all the establishment documentation is in place, we will apply to have the scheme registered with HMRC. No contributions, or transfers from a previous pension arrangement, can be paid into the SSAS until HMRC have issued a registration certificate.

Hartley Pensions Ltd will arrange the opening of a trustee bank account in the name of the SSAS. All transactions in connection with the scheme must pass via the trustee bank account, ie the receipt of contributions, transfers and investment returns and the making of investments for the benefit of the scheme and the eventual settlement of member benefits.

How much can be contributed to the SSAS?

Contributions to the SSAS will be made by the scheme’s sponsoring employer. The maximum contributions which can be paid (to all pension arrangements for the benefit of an individual)is known as the Annual Allowance, and is currently £40,000 pa per member. For “high earners” the Annual Allowance is reduced by £1 for every £2 of taxable income over £150,000, but it will not fall below £10,000.

We do not permit members to make personal contributions directly into the SSAS but “employee “ contributions can be accepted on the basis that they are deducted to a members salary, prior to any PAYE assessment, and then remitted to the SSAS by the employer.

SSAS Tax Benefits

Company contributions will normally qualify for corporation tax relief for the accounting period in which they are paid to the SSAS, and are not a taxable benefit chargeable to the individual scheme member.

There is no tax payable by the scheme in respect of its investment income or capital gain on the sale of an investment.

Where can the SSAS invest the contributions paid in and transfer values received?

The SSAS can invest in a wide range of investments, provided they do not give rise to any tax charge imposed by HMRC. Hartley Pensions Ltd will advise if any particular investment is likely to result in such a charge, in which case, as the HMRC registered administrator, we will be unable to take it on.

Acceptable investments include:

  • Cash deposits with a bank or building society
  • Commercial  property or land
  • Government gilt stock/corporate bonds
  • Insurance company based trustee investment bonds
  • Investment trusts/Open Ended Investment Companies/Managed Funds
  • Loans to an employer connected with the scheme
  • Stockbroker portfolios
  • Stock Exchange quoted shares
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Capital Adequacy

Hartley Pensions Limited are in full compliance with the latest FCA capital adequacy rules that came into force affecting SIPP providers.

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