Where can I invest?

Choosing where you invest your ISA money is an important decision to make. The investments decisions you make will change over time. Hartley can you ensure that you have the right ISA product to hold the investment you wish to hold. We can move quickly to transfer you to the right product to avoid costly delays. Below we list the types of investments you can hold in each of our ISA products.

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Stocks & Shares ISA

Stocks and Shares ISA allow investments in:

Shares • Securities issued by companies • Government securities • Core Capital Deferred Shares (CCDS) • Securities issued be certain multilateral organisations • Units or shares in a UK UCITS • Units or shares in a qualifying non-UCITS retail scheme • Shares and securities in qualifying investment trusts • Units or shares in a recognised UCITS • Shares emerging from a Schedule 3 SAYE option scheme or a Schedule 2 Share Incentive Plan • Depositary interests • Cash • Units in a collective investment schemes specified as stakeholder products • Policies of life insurance that satisfy the requirements • Policies of life insurance issued before 5 April 2004 that had previously qualified for the separate insurance component • Investments held in a PEP at 5 April 2008 that were qualifying investments under regulation 6(2)(m) of the Personal Equity Plan Regulations 1989

Innovative Finance ISA

Innovative Finance ISA allow investments in:

Peer-to-peer loans • Cash

Junior ISA

The investments that are qualified to be invested in a Junior ISA are the same as what can be held in an adult ISA. The only exceptions are shares acquired under a Save as You Earn Scheme, profit sharing scheme or share incentive plan.

Benefits of our ISAs

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