The secret to our success is down to the partnership we create between you, Hartley and the end client

In 1981, the company established itself as a SSAS provider and in 2001 opened its first SIPP. Hartley has a strong history of providing pension administration services to a number of the UK’s leading investment and trading platforms, IFA networks and investment groups. We are the pension experts and will guide you through the white label process to ensure that you and your clients have the pension scheme that you want.

About the Hartley White Label SIPP

Hartley White Label

We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our business partners and clients by providing them with professional, friendly and personalised administration services. Our products are designed to be flexible, straight-forward and relevant to our clients’ needs.

We can provide a tailored service that will meet your requirements. Hartley does not offer a call centre administration service. We are financial professionals that will look after your clients.

Excellent customer service comes as standard.

Our bespoke systems can offer you a standard application or it can be tailored to meet your product requirements. Our system will allow a full online application process. Access can be given to advisers and clients to view the financial products we administer. These can all be modified so you are in control of the information provided.

Our systems are fully open to receive downloads from other companies, this maybe daily valuations or application information. We can also send information to external companies if required.

70% of our entire workforce hold industry qualifications.


White Label Setup

Hartley has set up many pension schemes and we will guide you through the full process. Hartley Pensions Ltd holds the FCA permission to establish/operate and wind up a personal pension scheme. (FCA number 735936)

Our SIPP is created by a trust deed to which there can be up to three parties involved;

  • the establisher (who creates the SIPP),
  • operator (the entity who from an FCA perspective, is responsible for the administration the SIPP)
  • trustee (who acts as trustee).


  • Hartley will produce a new Trust Deed establishing the White Label SIPP
  • Hartley applies to HMRC to approve the SIPP (approx. time for registration 4-6 weeks).
  • Once approved by HMRC we will register the scheme to receive client personal contribution tax relief

The expectation for the SIPP scheme to be fully operational within two months.

IT Systems

Our IT systems are extremely flexible that uses the latest technology. Our web based systems can link to third parties systems and send and receive information that updates clients information in real time to ensure that client, 3rd parties and ourselves can view accurate information anywhere.

The IT system allows our white label partners to collate the information on their own systems and through already built API’s send us the information so we can hold the information in our back office administration system.

  • We can offer our own fully branded online application or use your own in house SIPP application
  • Online application for IFA led or client led execution only
  • Ability to collect ad hoc or regular contributions online
  • Member of the Origo Options service for efficient pension transfers
  • llustration system that links up to specified investments to give accurate Key Feature Illustrations
  • Tailored IFA Access
  • Bespoke Client Access
  • Clients can initiate pension drawdown requests online
  • Regular Investment or Disinvestment requests
  • Complete full payroll of income requests to clients on adhoc or regular basis.

Our prebuilt API’s are ready to interact with your systems


The secret to our success is down to the partnership we create between you, Hartley and the end client. Hartley will provide you with a White Label SIPP that will add value to your proposition. To ensure that this happens we will jointly agree a contract which can be tailored to meet your requirements.


We believe in simple charging structures. Having a complex charging structure adds barriers to sales. We will work with you to ensure that it works for both of us. We can offer fixed pricing, tiered pricing, percentage based or a mixture.

A number of areas will affect the pricing of the SIPP, these can include:

  • Investment choices
  • Systems
  • Automation vs manual processes
  • Volume

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We would love to talk to you more about your white label pension. We have an experienced team that is ready to work with you.

To make contact please phone Denis McHugh on 0117 316 9991, email or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

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