Abacus SIPP

4 Star Rated Product

We’re delighted to announce that our Abacus SIPP has now received an official 4 star rating from Moneyfacts.

Take control of your pension with the Abacus SIPP − giving you a clear charging structure, the flexibility to choose an investment platform and plan for your future.

Transparency on Charges

The charging structure of the Abacus SIPP is transparent. There are no hidden charges.

Abacus SIPPUncrystallisedCrystallised
Establishment Fee£125 + VAT£125 + VAT
Annual Administration Fee£175 + VAT pa£300 + VAT pa

The Establishment Fee of £125 + VAT covers your initial application, transferring in of existing pensions and investing your pension fund. While you are building your pension fund, you will be in the Uncrystallised product (i.e. no benefits have commenced). This allows you to grow your pension savings through an investment platform of your choice. The Annual Administration Fee is charged in advance and covers the day-to-day administration of your SIPP − including collecting pension contributions, claiming tax relief, providing an annual valuation, and completing all HMRC and FCA reporting to maintain the tax efficiency of your pension.

When you decide to take your pension benefits, you will move to the Crystallised product. A setup fee is charged to cover the administration costs of calculating and paying your initial benefits. Once your pension is crystallised it can remain invested, but the flexibility of the product allows you to access it in accordance with your needs.

Crystallised Policy administration fee includes all drawdown options of Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS) – capped drawdown, flexi-access, small pots and triviality payments. The administration fee covers paying regular pension payments, calculating income tax, benefit reviews and ensuring your your pension remains HMRC and FCA compliant.

Key benefits at a glance

Clear and low charges

Your own pension administrator

Investment flexibility

Ability to take pension benefits

No transfer out fees

We are so confident you will be impressed with our service that we do not charge a fee to transfer out. Other fees placed on all SIPPs are as follows:

Divorce cost fees£750 + VAT
Paying Death Benefits£300 + VAT

Important Information

Only one investment can be held within the Abacus SIPP. If you wish to hold more than one investment within your SIPP then you will need to move to the Prosperity SIPP. Please read the Key Features Document and the Abacus SIPP Terms & Conditions in full prior to applying for an Abacus SIPP, these documents and further information can be found on our website. Hartley Pensions are not authorised to give Financial Advice. We strongly recommend you take independent financial advice from a FCA authorised individual and tax advice from a suitably qualified tax adviser so they can tailor recommendations that will match your personal circumstances and your future requirements.

Case Study

Mr Smith invested into the Abacus SIPP and selected an investment platform to suit his needs. One year later, the platform increased its charges, making it uncompetitive. With other SIPP providers, Mr Smith would have had to move his SIPP to a different provider in order to change his investment Platform – but with Hartley, he was able to transfer to a new investment platform and remain within the Abacus SIPP.

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Capital Adequacy

Hartley Pensions Limited are in full compliance with the latest FCA capital adequacy rules that came into force affecting SIPP providers.

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