What is the best SIPP?

On October 25th 2017 our blog outlined some questions you should ask your SIPP provider when carrying out due diligence.

A useful tool that can assist you in your completing due diligence is the use of a financial comparison site and their research tools, for example Defaqto, Moneyfacts, Synaptic and O&M systems. These companies will ask SIPP providers’ questions that you might want to know, the SIPP providers will then respond and their details will then be placed on record compared against the other SIPP providers on the market.

The more a SIPP product offers to the client the more likely they will appear on the research tool or in some circumstances will receive a rating for example the SIPP will be a 5 star product. Some of the areas covered;

  • What investments does the SIPP provider allow?
  • Does the SIPP allow commercial property
  • Does the provider have online facility to check valuations and submit applications?
  • Whether the SIPP allows execution only facility and is not just on an advised basis
  • What options does the SIPP provider allow to take benefits, for example Flexi Access Drawdown, UFPLS, small pots?

If you want to check where your current SIPP provider compares with others in the market then this can be checked here.

Hartley Pensions pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency with our offerings and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products whether that is a SIPP or SSAS. If you do have any questions then feel free to contact us or review our IFA zone on the website.

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